On The Grid

On The Grid with Joe Winer is a monthly column in The Smudge focusing on science and technology. 

On The Grid started in 2018 and has covered wide ranging topics such as:

Marine Life and Protecting Your Digital Privacy (Jun 2019)
Bug Update: Live Bug Friendly (Jun 2020)
The Difference Between Things and e-Things (May 2018)
Medieval Moon Miscellany (July 2019)
Lifestyles Guide: How To Keep Being Alive (Jan 2020)
The Phonon: a Very Small Sound (Oct 2019)
Careers in Asteroid Mining (Nov 2018)
You're Going to Have to Eat Jellyfish (Feb 2019)
A Visit to Pleistocene Park (Mar 2018)
Lifestyles Guide: The Path To Success (Mar 2020)
Listen to Your Planet, Now (Apr 2019)
The Function of Memory within the Human Brain (Aug 2018)
The Best Ghost Finding Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet (Oct 2018)
What Is Popcorn? Popcorn is Technology (Aug 2020)

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